Five and a Half


Our Lilia turned five and a half last week. We made a half cake, as is our custom. It was a grain-free cake with coconut cream and strawberries. It was not an ordinary cake, but it was really lovely and quite delicious. Sadly, I did not get a picture. We celebrated with our Monday potluck group, since it fell on the right day. Lilia was quite proud of the cake and her half birthday.


My favorite part of the whole story is that there was ONE piece of cake left, and Lilia thought it was worthy of a whole other party. So, the next afternoon after school, she asked me to call a couple of friends (Iris and Eve) and have them come over to drink tea and share the last piece of cake. As I’ve written about many times, Lilia loves to plan a party, and she is always full of ideas for things we could do. I feel like I have to say no about eighty percent of the time. But, this was one of those sweet times when I got to say, “Yes, Lilia, I think we can do that!”

The three girls were thrilled and had a lovely time together. Lilia is a social girl, and I’m so glad she has good friends whose parents are spontaneous enough to let them come over on a whim.

P1010639 P1010640

Here are a few things about Lilia at five and a half:

-She is industrious – creating cards and projects just about every waking moment. My heart is warmed by the fact that most of these cards are addressed to me. I savor every one, knowing a day will come when she’ll move on from this sweet theme.


-She is self-assured. Lilia’s confidence rarely wavers. Even when she makes a big mistake or gets reprimanded by an authority figure. Even when she is not stubborn or defiant (which, indeed, happens), she does not seem to be hurt emotionally or to take things personally. I think this quality will serve her well as an adult. I am glad that her self-esteem is hearty.


-She loves to be helpful. If she can do it with a little flair – even better! She continues to enjoy creating in the kitchen. She also enjoys cleaning up a room to surprise me or setting the table with napkins she rolled herself. She is rarely as excited to do these tasks when asked, but she likes to do them if it’s her idea.


-She loves school. I have hardly heard a complaint since she began. She loves every teacher and almost every classmate. She happily does her schoolwork and loves to share what she’s learning. When we visited recently for the school dance-a-thon fundraiser, she was smiling ear to ear the whole time. She introduced us to her friend group, which included just about every ethnicity. She seems to make friends easily.


-She is a great big sister – watching out for Simeon and teaching him. One weekend, she even planned a whole morning of “toddler school” for him. He sometimes tires of her efforts, but I think he likes all the attention, too.



-Lilia is practical. She does not really enjoy sitting and talking for a long time. She likes to DO things.


-She picks up on everything, though – listening into adult conversations more these days and watching how others do things so she can figure them out on her own. Today, I was talking on the phone about a haircut, and she brought up at dinner how I had something planned for tomorrow. I had not even known she was listening in.


-Unfortunately, Lilia is our pickiest eater. I am hoping that she grows out of it. She does not like chunks of food in her food. She has a bit of a sweet tooth. And, she can be stubborn about not wanting to try new foods. She still has a lot of healthy foods she loves, but I’m hoping to help her branch out a little more.

-Lilia is a beauty. She gets more beautiful every year, I think. She is looking so tall and grown-up. Her long blond hair is like “spun gold” – that’s what my mom used to say about my hair when I was little. 🙂

-Lilia loves girly stuff – make up and fancy dresses and dolls and painted nails. We started a mother-daughter tradition this Fall – every Saturday evening is “spa night.” We lock the bathroom door and have girl time for 30 or 45 minutes. We take a bubble bath, paint our nails, tell stories, giggle, and put on our softest girly jammies. Already, it’s been a great gift to both of us. I hope the tradition continues, as it seems like a great way to stay connected as Lilia continues to grow and change. So far, she looks forward to spa night all week, and can’t wait until after Sabbath meal to escape for our secret girl time away from all the boys!


-Lilia is fun and adventurous and full of life. I love to hear her sing and watch her dance and be swept up in joy when she laughs.

What a joy to have a spunky, smart, big-hearted daughter! We’re so glad you’re in our family, Lilia Mercy!


3 thoughts on “Five and a Half

  1. Lilia’s story was beautiful! She reminds me of Mallary so much! Cannot wait to see her next week! Love Mom

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  2. Candace, thank you for such a beautiful sharing about Lilia. She reminds me of the girl I wanted to be. I enjoy her so much and will miss her greatly.

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