Transition Update #1

We are in the midst of the craziness of moving. Every day requires all I have, but still I am happy and thankful . It is truly an adventure – full of hardship and difficulties and beauty and exhaustion and the hope of something worth all the work and stress. I don’t feel able to write complete updates, but I’d like to record some stream-of-consciousness bullet points along the way.

– The kids and I are a team here – packing boxes, making food, getting homework done, and plugging along each day.

– Big kids home the last few days as the polar vortex has hit our city – snow blowing, wind chills as low as minus 50, car windshields to scrape, bundling taking half an hour or more for all of us to get out the door. Tomorrow school will happen again. Breakfast, getting dressed, lunches packed, and all that bundling by 7:40 am.

– Surprised by the twinge that hits me – I will miss the sight of them in their snow pants, boots, and scarves when we move south. Especially little Simeon – such a sweet toddler in his tiny snow pants and boots and hat with ear flaps. And I’ll miss the way everything is still and quiet in the winter and the freshness of newfallen snow – especially as it decorated the barren trees. There are many things about the winter I will not miss, but these things I will. In a way, the harshness of the winter makes you appreciate the spring and summer in a new way.

– Little Simeon – so often my “happy thought” – picking up toys at a friend’s house after I mentioned it once, doing his “homework” tonight (a pen held just right to make tiny drawings on a white piece of paper – “a snowman! a lion! a meck!”), making a “pizza” out of big legos and revealing it out of a box meant for roller skates – giving us all pieces, a cocked head and squinted eyes to ask me a question.

– Reading a funny book about frogs with the children – the best way to get us all to relax again when emotions are flying out of control.

– Meditation time before bed – something new to try. I hear both kids say, “We already know how to meditate” and turn around to see them both cross-legged, eyes closed, and finger-to-thumb classic meditation hands. Did they learn this at school??

– Piles of boxes imposing on our spaces. All 3 children happy to pack boxes with me and write on the outside. Christmas tree still up, hardly unpacked from our venture south, cat meowing to go outside but never following through when he feels the cold air.

– Multiple moments that make my heart sink – illnesses and hardships of friends, coming home to kitty accidents on our comforters, an allergic reaction for Simeon resulting in an eye swollen shut, a long drive on an icy morning to the DMV that does not complete the task, awakened every night many times for many reasons, so many little things too small too mention.

– Love abounding – unexpected friends dropping by, coupons to support in the days ahead, groceries brought to my door, friends making us dinner, family checking in.

We are strong like oaks – that is our mantra. We are plodding along and trying to be present and soak up these moments with our dear community here. Thank you for holding us up and trusting our call.


3 thoughts on “Transition Update #1

  1. love and prayers to you Candace and Josh! Wow…………I read every word and we wish we could help!!
    Take care of yourselves and please don’t stop letting us know how we can pray for you!

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