Advice for Mother at the Time of Birth

  • At a birthing, the mother is the main channel of life force. If she is cooperative and selfless and brave, it makes there be more energy for everyone, including her baby who is getting born. Giving somebody some makes you and everyone else feel good. You don’t have your baby out yet to cuddle and hold, so giving the midwives and your husband some is giving your baby some.
  • During a rush, keep your eyes open, and keep paying attention to those around you and to what’s happening. If  you feel afraid or if something is happening that makes you uptight, report it- the midwives can help you sort it out until it feels good
  • Don’t complain, it makes things worse. If you usually complain, practice not doing it during pregnancy. It will build character. 
  • Talk nice, it will keep your bottom loose so it can open up easier. It’s okay to ask the midwives or your husband to do something to you, like rub legs or get a glass of water. Ask real nice and give folks some when they do something for you.
  • Be grateful that you’re having a baby, and be grateful to your partner who’s helping you- it’s an experience that you only do a few times in your life, so make the very most of it, and get your head in a place where you can get as high as possible.
  • Remember you have a real, live baby in there. Sometimes it’s such an intense trip having a baby that you can forget what it’s for!
  • Learn how to relax- it’s something that requires attention. You may have to put out some effort to gather your attention together enough that you can relax.
  • Keep your sense oh humor- it’s a priceless gem which keeps you remembering where it’s at. If you can’t be a hero, you can at least be funny while being a chicken.
  • Remember your monkey self knows how to do this really well. Your brain isn’t very reliable as a guide of how to be during childbirth, but your monkey self is.

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin


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