Baby Boy Wish List

As we near the time when we’ll welcome a new little person into our family, we can think of a short list of items that we would appreciate receiving. We live in a small apartment, so we really have very little space for extra items. Yet, we are deeply thankful for friends and family who want to bless us by giving us a gift. If you are looking for a little direction, here is our wish list: (simply click on the link to see the item)

  • A white noise maker to drown out the sounds of the city and of older siblings – Dohm White Noise Machine   – A
  • A reusable diaper pail liner – Wet Pail Liner – C
  • A “wet bag” for cloth diaper use while out and about – Wet Bag – B
  • One package of 3 Snappis for fastening cloth diapers – Snappis – A
  • An amber teething necklace, to reduce teething pain for our baby boy – Amber Teething Necklace – B
  • An infant insert for our favorite baby carrier – Ergo Infant Insert (galaxy) – C
  • Gift Certificate for a date night for Josh and Candace – Downtown Evanston Gift Card   – A
  • Donation toward cloth diaper service – Bottoms Up Diaper Service – B
  • Special big brother/big sister outings – Lilia would love to go to The Nutcracker, Jedidiah would love to go to a Chicago museum – B
  • For Women Only: If you would like to help me with some post-partem supplies – Talulah Bean (the password is Babyboy & the event date is Nov. 15, 2012) – A
  • An umbrella stroller or a gift card to a baby store to buy one here – Orange Umbrella Stroller – B
  • A baby book for recording memories of the first year – Baby Book – B

This list is prioritized with this system:

A – Most Important

B – Moderate Importance

C – Least Important


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